Roof Mount:

Upsides of roof mount: Gets the bikes out of the way. Downsides of roof mount: Erica can't get the bike up or down without help.

Thule 599XTR Big Mouth Bike Rack $90 here: Requires Thule's rack adaptor $126 here: And Thule's square bars $47 here: TOTAL = $470 + S&H

Yakima: Yakima Raptor Bike Mount $94.95 here: Requires an adaptor to fit on the OEM roof rack: Yakima Horizontal Mighty Mount 24H $31.95 here: TOTAL = $221.85 + S&H

BVG: BVG Crankster Roof Rack Mount $54.95 here: Fits any oval or box cross section cross bars less than 70mm X 50mm.
TOTAL = $127.11 including $9.75 S&H and $7.46 tax Estimated ship date for these 2 items: June 23, 2006 - June 26, 2006
Delivery takes 3-7 days, so we'd get it by July 5th if we ordered today (June 22, 2006).

XPORT: Performance XPORT Roof Rack-Locking Upright Mt $229.99 here: Holds 2 bikes No info on what's needed to attach it, so I contacted their online chat for help:
Gary Tech: DO you have a factory rack on your vehicle?
Erica Marshall: yes
Gary Tech: Then this rack will not fit
Erica Marshall: ok
(pause to see if he'd recommend an adaptor or rack that'll work)
Erica Marshall: …thanks.
Gary Tech: Thank you for dropping by, Erica, and have a great day!
…So it won't work at all!?!

Subaru: BIKE RACK ATTACHMENT TOP MOUNTED FOR 1993-2006 IMPREZA WAGONS with hardware and clips for FLAT style (AERO) crossbars. Carries 2 bikes. $189 here: Do we have flat-AERO style crossbars or round ones? (Link above is for the flat-Aero, but round is the same price.
TOTAL = $210.62 including $21.62 S&H

Roma? (eBay Special): Subaru Forester Impreza Roma Upright Bike Roof Rack $79.95 here: Universal mount $10 S&H
TOTAL: $179.90 including S&H (assuming they have 2)

eBay Special: $44.95 here: Universal mount $10 S&H
TOTAL: $109.90 including S&H (assuming they have 2)

Hitch Mount:

Upsides of hitch-mount: Erica can use it. Downsides of hitch-mount: Bikes don't allow tailgate to be opened. Caveats: There only seem to be Class 1 hitches (1 1/4 inch) for the WRX, most bike carriers are for 2in; an adapter is only about $35, but it's one more place to loose stability, so I'd rather find something that fits properly.

Swagman 64125 3 Bike Standard Bike Rack (1-1/4” Receiver): Carries 3 bikes
Fits 1-1/4” receiver
Uses: Screw-down clamps
Tilts down: No (it'll come off the hitch easy enough and the tilting mechanism is a failure point)
$99.94 Free shipping

Thule: Thule 93XT Htchng Pst Pro 4Bke 1.25”“ Uses: straps
Tilts down: Yes
Bike arms fold down when not in use
“Can be upgraded to 'No sway'“

Thule 936 Hitching Post Pro, 2 Bike Rack Hitch Mounted Bicycle Carrier for 2”
Receivers - t936 Tilts down: Yes
Uses: straps

Thule 995XT Expressway 4Bke 1.25'' Tilts down: Yes
Uses: straps
Integrated locking cable w/ storage in carrier
“No sway”

Master Lock:
Master Lock 2868AT Bike Rack Holds 4 bikes on a Class III receiver
Uses: screw-down clamps
Tilts down: Unsure, it at least slides out/off easily

Premier Motoring Accessories, Inc.:
Hitch Mount 4 Bike Rack Non-Folding for 2” Receiver Hitch Uses: screw-down clamps
Tilts down: No.
3 bike model, folding or non, for 2” or 1 14” hitches:

Premier Motoring Accessories, Inc.:
Glide Away Deluxe 4 Bike Carrier Uses: straps? -can't see from picture
Glides out from car and side to side
Lockable cable included
Anti-wobble device included

Highland 5940000 Rola TX-102, 2 Bike Hitch Mount Carrier Uses: straps
Arms fold down -looks like they're positionable, ratcheting, but they look kinda plastic-y
Tilts down: Yes
2” hitch

Curt: Curt Receiver Hitch Bike Rack Carrier 2” x 2” Receiver Hitch Bike Carrier (150lb. Capacity) Tilt: Looks like it, but doesn't say
Uses: screw-down clamp
Says it carries 4 bikes, I only see 3 cradles, though

Steel Horse: Steel Horse Evolution Fold Down Bike Carrier Carries 2 bikes, 4 with an adapter
2” receiver
Finger-trigger fold down mechanism for trunk access, pictures shows it folded down w/ the bikes still on it.
Hitch lock included

Kitty Hawk: Kitty Hawk Double Bike Carrier for 2” Receivers Different design: Holds bikes like the roof rack kind it looks like?
2” receiver

About Mounting a Hitch to the WRX Wagon:

Misc Info, Notes:

The added value for the Yakima and Thule racks is the fact that they have other carriers for things like snowboards, etc that all use the same racks.

Hitch-mount: Upside is Erica can use it too. Downside is lack of availability to the trunk incase we bring them on vacation or camping…

Find the Yakima adaptor for your OEM rook rack here:

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