TJ CV Rear Driveshaft - for 2-6” of lift with SYE installed $289.00 TJ165-131131

1997 & Newer TJ Double Cardan, CV Rear Drive Shaft. 2” Drawn over mandrel tube. 1310 Series U-Joint @ Transfer Case. 1310 Series U-Joint @ Differential. Universal fit for 2”-6” of lift with a Slip Yoke Eliminator kit installed.

Spline Choices: (LT) Long Travel Spline: Very Similar to Standard Spline, but is 1” longer to allow for a useable stroke of 4”. (XC) Extended Life Spline: Advantages are a longer stroke than the Standard Spline. The spline is cut for the full length of the stub. This yields more contact area between the slip yoke & spline stub that will net longer life. Useable stroke is 4.5”.

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