(see boycott for the backstory on this)

Email sent to Chuck Jarrard at National City Mortgage:

Subject: your flyer
From: “Erica Marshall”
Date: Wed, November 29, 2006 1:52 pm
To: “Chuck Jarrard”

Out of respect for your time, I'll make this brief. I received a flyer on my door from you or your company even though I have both a “No Soliciting” sign and a “No Flyers” sign predominantly displayed on my front door. I understand that this is a cheap method of advertising for you, but I expect you to respect the fact that I do not want such advertisements posted on MY property (ie my front door). If you did not post the flyer yourself, please advise those who are distributing the flyers for you to avoid houses that obviously don't want them, or perhaps just start advertising through the mail instead.

Thank you,
Erica Marshall

Subject: RE: your flyer From: “Jarrard, Chuck” Date: Wed, November 29, 2006 1:57 pm To: “Erica Marshall”

I apologize and will send your email to the company that placed the
flyer on your door. I will see that it won't happen again. I am truly

Chuck Jarrard
Sr. Mortgage Consultant
National City Mortgage, a division of National City Bank
www.ncmc.com/chuckjarrard website (online applications)

Chuck Jarrard is the first person to take my concern seriously enough to respond. I take my boycott back in his case. Chuck's the kind of guy I'd actually do business with!

Thanks for being one of the good guys, Chuck!

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