From a flyer I got in the mail. Paid for by the ~DuPage County Republican Central Committee.

A Leader for today… And Tomorrow

Joe Dunn is a CPA and managing director of an investment fund, commercially rated pilot, and founder of General Aviators, Inc. Born in New Jersey Feruary 1, 1968 he grew up in ~DuPage County and attended Mortini Catholic High School. He earned a BA from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from ~DePaul University.

Joe has two sons and resides in Naperville. He served as a Wheatland Township Trustee, Chairman of the Finance Committee and liaison to the Planning Commission.

Joe became a champion for abused children with his first bill as a freshman legislator. When it was signed into law on August 5, 2003. (PA93-0419) eliminated provisions in criminal code and closed a loophole that made a sentence of probation available to defendants convicted of criminal sexual assault of a family member.

A resolute conservative businessman and family man, Dunn concentrates on fiscal responsibility, improved transportation and infrastructure (roadways and airports) and strong locally controlled schools.

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