Okay, I'm 30 -I need to start planning for the big stuff: a trip to Europe, a second house in the mountains, a trip to Asia, oh yeah… and retirement too.

I started out by taking the “Funds” course at http://www.morningstar.com/Cover/Classroom.html -they have courses on stocks, bonds, funds, and portfolio. I found the funds course to be very helpful in figuring out the vocabulary and basic strategies involved in investing in mutual funds.

After that comes some research… Each major fund family has their own offerings as well as their own fees, minimum begining balance, minimum deposits, etc. So, my first goal is to find the fund family I want to go with so I know how much to save up for the initial deposit.

I'm considering:

Calculate Expense Ratio cost here: http://apps.nasd.com/investor_Information/ea/nasd/mfetf.aspx

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