I ordered my Old Man Emu Steering Stabilizer from OK4WheelDrive (http://www.ok4wd.com) for about $70 shipped. I wasn't entirely happy with OK4WheelDrive on this one.

It is not installed yet because I can't get the old (stock) steering stablizer off. One end (passenger's side) is just a nut and bolt -that came off easy enough. The other side (driver's) has this tapered both thing that's pure evil. We've pulled, pried, WD40'd, and even pounded on it, but it's not moving. As soon as it's off I'll give a proper review!

Well, I ended up having a shop (Goodyear/Roadmaster) take the old steering stabilizer off and put the new one on. They got the old one off with a torch for about $42.

Special tools needed:

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