Bringing good jobs and new technologies to the 13th district is an integral part of Scott Harper's campaign for Congress. As a successful small business owner, Scott understands the perils of running a business and the importance of crafting policies that help our economy to thrive. He is also firmly committed to economic growth through fair trade and while protecting America's working families. Scott's plan focuses on:

Investing in new technologies:

The 13th district is home to innovative science and technology. At Argonne National Laboratory, world renowned scientists and researchers work on new energy initiatives that will enhance our economy and grow jobs. Scott Harper will oppose any cuts to science funding, like the $500 million in cuts proposed by George Bush in his 2009 budget, and will work to ensure that new projects and research opportunities come to our district. He will also work with research and development leaders to empower the creation of new businesses, especially “green” businesses that create jobs while investing in environmentally-benign technologies.

Demanding fiscal responsibility:

The federal deficit has spiraled out of control under the current administration. Our nation went from a record surplus under the Clinton adminstration to a huge deficit in just a few years. The burden of this debt will fall on our children and our grandchildren. Fiscal responsibility makes common sense - we cannot try to exert influence over the policies of countries like China and South Korea while borrowing $60 billion a month from them. By making our tax policy more fair and spending more responsibly, we can bring fiscal sanity back to government.

Standing up for America's working families:

Scott's commitment to working families separates him the most from Judy Biggert. While Biggert has voted for unfair trade agreements with Oman and sponsored legislation to end overtime pay, Scott will vote to pass the Employee Free Choice Act and will never support a trade agreement that is not fair. He will also champion workplace safety and workers rights to organize.

War in Iraq

Scott Harper opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning and knows that the whole war has been mishandled from the beginning. Unlike Judy Biggert, who voted for the war initially and has been a staunch ally of President Bush's Iraq policy, Scott Harper understands that there was no connection between 9/11 and Iraq and that our strategic errors along the way - the Abu Ghraib scandal, no exit strategy and no plan for post-war Iraq-have weakened our safety and security. In Congress, Scott will support a dramatically different Iraq policy than our current Congresswoman. He will:

Support a phased withdrawal with a timetable to end the war.

Every conceivable military expert agrees that we must develop an exit strategy to the war in Iraq with definable timetables so that we can begin phasing out of the war and bringing our troops home. Judy Biggert had an opportunity to vote for a timetable for withdrawal and demand accountability from the Bush Administration but unfortunately she continued to support a failing policy (HR2337.) Scott will do just the opposite and vote for legislation that will phase out our troops.

Reject our current blank check policy to fund the war.

By being unprepared for the war in Iraq and the post-war state, the Bush Administration has spent an excessive amount of money to stay in Iraq. Since the start of the war, Biggert has authorized President Bush to spend more than $500 billion on the effort without demanding any real progress reports or accountability from the administration. Scott Harper will not support a blank check policy with taxpayer dollars and will ensure that we are spending our money wisely with the top priority being to protect our troops.

Oppose permanent bases in Iraq.

While we must continue to offer our support and assistance to the Iraqi government, permanent bases in Iraq would signify our continued occupation of the country. Scott thinks this would be a strategic mistake, and that it would not make us safer. He thinks that it would actually be a recruiting point for would-be terrorists. In Congress, Scott Harper will reject any plans for permanent bases in Iraq.

The Environment

We must protect the environment for our children. By supporting green businesses and technologies, we help preserve our environemnt. Congress must take an active role in crafting a sustainable environmental policy that address every issue ranging from global warming to pollution of Lake Michigan. In Congress, Scott Harper will be a champion of environmental causes. He will:

Fight global warming and work to achieve energy independence

Global warming is real. It is happening and we must work to stop it. In Congress, Scott Harper will support legislation that sensibly increases fuel efficiency standards and provides incentives for renewable and alternative energy. Scott knows that energy independence will save consumers money and will create green jobs here at home.

Protect Lake Michigan and preserve our drinking water

During the Bush Administration, plans to preserve Lake Michigan and reduce mercury pollution in it have fallen by the wayside. Instead of being a leader on these issues, Judy Biggert has taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from big oil companies. In Congress, Scott Harper will immediately reverse these policies and work to clean up Lake Michigan so that our drinking water will be safer for our children.

Strengthen Clean Air and Water Acts

Childhood asthma, contaminated drinking water and atmosphere toxic pollutants are all reasons that we must strengthen the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. Instead of allowing polluters a free pass, Scott Harper will work to strengthen these acts and work with the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that we are protecting our environment.


Scott believes we have a commitment to our seniors by providing them with the help and care they need to live in comfort and with dignity. In Congress, Scott will fight for the issues that matter most to seniors and be a strong advocate for protecting their priorities. These issues include:

Protecting Social Security

In Congress, Scott Harper will be a passionate advocate for protecting Social Security. He will support legislation to strengthen the program and ensure its commitment for all retirees and will oppose any measure to privatize the program or place it in jeopardy.

Supporting universal healthcare

In the richest country in the world, it is outrageous that 46 million Americans, nearly 16% of all people, are uninsured. Scott Harper favors a universal healthcare system that will provide every American with the coverage they need. And the importance of healthcare coverage goes beyond just seniors. Unlike Judy Biggert, Scott supports the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which keeps six million children from losing healthcare.

Making prescription drugs more affordable and reforming Medicare Part D

The cost of prescription drugs makes it difficult for some to afford the medicines they desperately need. Scott Harper feels morally responsible to ensure our seniors have the prescription drugs they need and will support the re-importation of safe prescriptions from Canada. To drive costs down for seniors, Scott will champion legislation to reform the flawed Medicare Part D program to allow the government to benefit from volume-discounts and purchase prescription drugs.

Establishing an American Center for Cures to cure deadly diseases

Since Jonas Salk cured polio over 50 years ago, this country has not developed a cure for a major disease. For this reason, Scott believes it necessary to start a considerable, concerted and focused effort at a federal level for finding much needed cures to these devastating diseases. In the past, this proposition has been called an American Center for Cures. As a congressman, Scott would like to give special attention to progressive and intelligent proposals such as this one. It is not enough to treat the disease upon outbreak; we should utilize our research institutions and American ingenuity to solve these diseases once and for all.


Scott Harper has a lifelong commitment to education and will make improving our schools and making college affordable centerpieces of his legislative agenda. In Washington, Scott will fight to end the unfunded mandates in No Child Left Behind and support sensible education policies.

Scott's education policy includes:

Investing in our schools, our children and our teachers

We are fortunate in the 13th Congressional District to have good quality schools but there are still some schools that are below state standards and that do not have the resources they need to educate our children. The federal government, for example, promised to cover 40% of school costs for special education but is currently only funding 19% of those costs. In Congress, Scott will work to ensure that schools have the resources they need to thrive and that all students are afforded every opportunity to succeed. He will also fight for competitive salaries for teachers so that they are treated like the professionals they are.

Revising No Child Left Behind

Scott Harper is a strong believer in accountability in our schools but does not believe in unfunded mandates or in arbitrary accounting procedures. Scott favors more flexibility in our school evaluation process and allowing for teachers and administrators to have input into reporting systems. Making college affordable

In today's world, it is absolutely essential that every child grows up with the opportunity to earn a college degree. Scott deeply values the importance of higher education and knows that in today's knowledge economy, we must make college more accessible. Today, 400,000 qualified students don't attend college because they can't afford it. In Congress, Scott will vote to restore Pell Grants after the cuts under the Bush Administration and he will increase other financial aid programs so that students have every opportunity to earn a degree.

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