The steering stops are located on the brake backing plates (in front of the axle tubes). The easiest way to adjust them is to raise the front of your Jeep off the ground and (ignition off and steering wheel unlocked) turn the tire (using the tire, not the steering wheel) all the way to the left or right and see how much space there is between the head of the stop bolt and the flat spot where it is supposed to hit. Remove the stop bolt/nut combo (they're tack welded together) and put enough washers under the nut to bring the bolt up enough to eliminate the rubbing. Some trial and error is usually required, but 1 or 2 washers will usually work for 31×10.50s on a TJ, or 30×9.50s on a YJ OR for whatever size tires I had on my CJ7. :-) Repeat for the other side.

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