I purchased my TeraFlex Sway Bar Disconnects from OK4WheelDrive (http://www.ok4wd.com) for about $100. They are specifically sized based on how much the vehicle's been lifted, so I got the ones for zero to two inches of lift.

They look like they are really well constucted. My boyfriend was impressed with the grease points (zerks?) The install took about a half hour, but I already had the stock sway bars half off thanks to my last off-roading adventure and I have not yet installed the little nubbins that will allow the sway bars to be stowed away while disconnected.

I did have to go out and purchase a T-55 torx bit which Sears and Home Depot did not carry. I found one at a local car parts store (PepBoys).

The install was easy enough. I just had to use a T-55 torx bit on a ratchet to hold the torx bolt while using a ratchet and a 3/4” socket to remove the stock sway bar (the top part was already off). Then, we slipped the top part of the sway bar through the existing hole on each side of the sway bar (watch out, there's a little sleeve that goes through the hole -it's tapered and will only go in one way). Then, slip on the washer and tighten the nut (both provided in the kit). For the bottom you just take the little metal nubbins that have the washer and nut attached and install them in the hole where the torx bolt was before. (Put the pin in the nubbin so that you have something to counter the force you are applying while tightening the nut.) Next remove the pin, and this is the part that I wish I hadn't missed: spray the nubbin with WD40 or a similar lubricant so that the sway bar slides on easier. (I had a heck of a time trying to get these things on there dry!) Then, slip the pins back in and you're set! (Well, except for the drilling and tapping to install the other nubbins in the frame, but I haven't done that yet -perhaps this Saturday…)

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