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Parts for Timing Belt Change:

Parts for Balance Shaft Elimination:

Other “good-to-do-now” servicing:

Water pump:

Valve cover:

Possible upgrades:

Red timing belt: Toda Racing makes the red belt for our cars. Claims to be 200% stronger than the OEM belt, meaning something besides the timing belt will fail before this one does. ;-) It's $200. Pic:

Underdrive pulley (or set): replaces the stock harmonic balancer crank pulley with a MUCH lighter, smaller pulley (and if you get the set, replaces the water pump and alternator pulleys as well). The good: a lot less load on the engine, makes it rev more freely, more low-end torque, and available in a wide variety of fruity colors. The bad: usually rather expensive. The ugly: some people claim that the vibrations that the old harmonic dampener pulley absorbed will now cause problems for your crank bearings. Since the crank pulley has to come off anyway, this is a good time to do it. Horsepowerfreaks has the set from Unorthodox (like mine) for $372.69, or you can just get an underdrive crank pulley for $200.99. If you can live with silver, DSM-Performance has a set of their own for $239, or just the crank pulley for $99. For reference: the stock pulley is 6.8lbs, and most of these aluminum ones are about 1.8-2lbs.

Oil pan: unlike 2g's, higher-capacity Moroso oil pans are available for 6-bolt engines. The positives are that the pan is a lot more durable, holds two additional quars of oil, and is designed to “splash” a lot less. This is easy to do at this point because it's one of the (hopefully) few times you'll actually have the oil pan off, assuming you eliminate the balance shafts. Road Race wants $450 for it. Pics:

Turbo oil supply line: I'm kicking myself for not doing this one. Road Race makes a really cool oil supply line out of braided stainless. The plus is that it'll flow more oil at higher pressure to the turbo, which is good for longevity; it relocates the oil source from the head to the oil filter housing, meaning the turbo gets first crack at the freshly- filtered oil, also a good thing. ;-) It's easy to do because the whole oil filter housing comes off the car anyway during a balance shaft elimination. Road Race sells for $55, Forced Performance wants $60. See:

Turbo oil drain tube: Forced Performance has a nice (and FLEXIBLE) turbo oil drain tube which runs from the bottom of the turbo CHRA (the center cartridge between the two fans) to the front of the oil pan. The reason for upgrading it is pretty simple: the stock drain tube is metal and not all that flexible, which makes it a royal pain in the ass to disconnect and reconnect without mangling it (and getting it reconnected such that it seals, rather than leaking oil all over the driveway, was a PITA). It's $50 from FP, or $85 from Slowboy. Slowboy also sells a stainless tube version for $100. See:

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