My email to TRE:

I just finished looking through your website and I have a few questions for you…

First of all, I just purchased a bone stock 1992 Plymough Laser RS (6-bolt/4-bolt AWD) with some transmission “issues”: First gear grinds going in, and will tend to pop out unless you hold it in. When shifting up to second, it'll grind unless you double-clutch. All remaining gears feel fine (compared to my boyfriend's '99 GSX), and 2nd is fine if you just skip first and start there. (All original drivetrain, with 80,000 miles.)

I'm wondering if you'd have any idea if the problem descibed above might be fixed with your “basic rebuild” package? (I'm just asking for your opinion, I obviously won't hold you to an assessment of a transmission that you've never seen. -I'm just trying to get a feel for what this might cost.)

I'd also like to know what upgrades you'd suggest. I'm looking to autocross this car as well as take it to the local drag strip a few times a year. This will be my first “race car” as my other car is a Jeep Wrangler with big knobbies :-) so, I want to be as conservative with my money as possible, but I also want to “do it right”. Bottom line: I'm interested in your suggestions about balancing performance with budget.

Thanks, Erica

Reply: Thank you for your interest in our products and the services we offer.

The problem is bearing failure and it'll get worse if you drive it.

Our basic rebuild will solve the problem.

Some of the extra stuff you may want to get and I recommend is the EVO steel shift fork w/ Bronze alloy wear pads, GVR-4 1st gearset and maybe a 4 spider center diff.

The basic transmission repair will cost around $1050. This will include:

It will not act like a typical DSM after we rebuild it.

If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks, Jon@TRE

(So, that's $1050 for the rebuild, plus $85 for the EVO shift fork, $325 for double synchro GVR-4 1st gearset, and 12.50 for the manual trans oil filter =$1472.50. Add the 4 spider center diff for $475 and the total becomes $1947.50. Shipping is about $75 each way plus $40 for the box/foam, so add $200 or so for shipping. This means about $1672.50/$2147.50)

From the TRE website: TRE:

$500 base price includes:


Requires machining of the 3rd/4th shift rail, 5th/reverse shift fork and installation of the modified oil guide. Most people who have rebuilt a transmission or engine can install this gear without a problem.

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