Ed ordered these brass bushings from Don Greenwood (dgreen78@aol.com, or dgreen@DSMtuners), from ads he placed on DSMtuners and DSMtrader. They came with groovy little clips -very nice. Three out of our four bushings (two different cars) came out without much trouble -we just took the clips out and pushed the bushing out with the (closed) nose of a pair of needle-nose pliers. Then, just pushed the new bushing in place and back on. On the 2g the air intake had to be taken off to get to the bushings. The 1g (no ABS) was easier to work on, but the air box (and everything connected to it) eventually came off because of the problem we ran into with bushing number 4.

I had one bushing that was, well, no longer a whole bushing -it had cracked, and half of the rubber had fallen out. This one was a pain to remove because the metal ring inside of it had rusted to the post that it sits on. We had to remove all the rubber and use Liquid Wrench + Robogrips to get that metal ring off of there. After the we (okay, Ed) got it off, I cleaned up the post with some steel wool and pressed the new brass bushing into place.

After the bushings were on we put the little clips (provided) on by putting one side of the clip into the grove, then just followed the clip around the bushing and let it slip into place. Very easy. Very nice design. After the clips are in we re-inserted the old metal pins and bent them to keep the bushing in place.

Ta-da! Fairly easy. Ed's immediate reaction was that the difference was only slightly noticable on the 2g (which already has the metal shifter bushings in the cabin). It's difficult to tell with mine because the one bushing was so messed up, the bushings in the cabin may be just as bad, the transmission is in need of repair, and my clutch is poorly adjusted.

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