When JP Magazine chose the new 34×10.5-15LT Super Swamper LTB tires they were concerned about running them on their set of 15×8 factory Jeep wheels from Performance Wheel and Tire. They thought that these wheels combined with the LTB's 10 1/2-inch width would be just about perfect. Their other concern was that the factory 15x8s have so much backspacing -over 5 inches -that their LTB's would probably be too close to the springs and frame during full flex and lock-to-lock steering. Performance Wheel and Tire's answer to this problem was to send them a set of 1 1/4-inch wheel spacers to be used in combination with the 15×8 Jeep wheels. These spacers effectively widened their track width 2 1/2 inches as well as solving the rubbing problem by bringing the wheel and the 34-inch tires further away from the areas where rubbing may occur on the trail. They say that the tire and wheel setup works well. -JP Magazine November 2002 edition.

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