Racing Quotes (from )

“For those 17 seconds or more, I'm free…” -espydur

If you don't need both hands on the wheel, then you're not really driving. -venom42

“Damn, does he have TWO fire extinguishers in there?” -SetH

when life speeds by… downshift -KooK

to boost or not to boost… is that a question? -unknown

the way i see it…..if you keep fixing things, eventually you will have a new car. -unknown

My car looks like hell, sounds like hell, and generally runs like hell, but it's still fast as hell. -unknown

I love the violent way the boost comes on while being set on “f*ck'em up” psi level. -taboo

theres a mustang guy here that tells everybody not to race me cuz my car goes pssssshhhhh when i shift… -devilsperm

Some kids got caught last night trying to break into a car 3 houses down from mine… I think they were lucky.. If they hadn't gotten caught, and had gotten to my car, they might have just “disappeared.” -ArticNemesis

And for some that are a little more DSM specific:

I'd rather push a DSM than drive a Honda. And I get plenty of chances to prove it. -markmakeitso

DSM's-Turning normal people into angry, flat broke ,heavy drinkers that throw tools since 1989. -AW4G63

“if you have a 1g, do you have to de-ghettotize it before it runs right or something?” -BoostinDSM

Little TDO5h turbos make baby jesus clap his hands in delight. -GunnerTSi

DSM is my shepherd I shall not want. It maketh me burnout on black pavement: it leadeth me beside busy freeways. It restoreth my soul: it leads me in the path of quickness for its namesake. Yea, though i walk through the valley of rice i shall fear no honda for torque art with me; thy rod and thy piston they comfort me. Thou preparest a track before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou has anointed my bearings with oil; my car overpowers. -unknown

That's exactly WHY I own a DSM. I don't like it smooth, quiet, comfortable and effortless. I like to listen to the whine of the Walbro, rumble of the full 3” exhaust and feel the vibrations of the balance shafts-free engine with solid motor mounts on the steering wheel while idling on the stoplights. I love the stiffness of the ACT2600, the notchiness of the tranny one has to literally rape when shifting and the harsh ride with the polyurethane suspension bushings and ProKit/AGX combo. I'd never trade AWD launches for anything, I love the feeling of invincibility off the line and the way one gets thrown against the seat and feels like being a part of the car at that moment. I enjoy hearing the notorious ” do you have in that thing?!?” from over-confident C5 and Supra owners after blowing the doors off their shiny machines they spent a fortune for. I love the violent way the boost comes on while being set on “f*ck'em up” psi level and one feels like being rear-ended by a semi, the intimidating jet engine-like whine of the turbo and the BOV bark between shifts. I like it brutal. That's why I own a DSM. -taboo

This is just a late night thought, but I think it's possible that there is a finite number of DSM souls floating around our little planet. As one DSM breaks, its soul gets passed on to another car that happens to be fixed at the moment awaiting its first crank. So somewhere, at the exact moment your car ran for its first time in months, someone else's DSM shit a timing belt for you. -james92tsi

Disclaimer: All Mitsubishi corporate employees, Mitsubishi dealerships, Mitsubishi service personnel or employees, family, friends, or acquaintances thereof: This in no way constitutes an admission or acknowledgement of tampering, modification, usage, or alteration of any vehicle in my posession or component thereof in such a fashion as to void, cancel, deny or otherwise refuse service on any service contracts, warrantees, or recall notices covering said vehicles. This and other posts submitted on this, or any Internet forum, under the screenname Q simply represent an attempt to gain acceptance from a peer group espousing cars of a high performance nature - especially those that have been altered to improve, enhance, or otherwise modify the automobile's natural characteristics. Any statements, claims, or graphical representations made that would constitute a violation of any contractual agreement are to be considered fictitious and not to be accepted in any court of law, or similar environment mediated for the purpose of dispute resolution. -Unknown

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