Most days, spring through fall, I come home from work to flyers stuck on my door. It's annoying. I have to juggle my bag, the mail, and whatever else I have in my hands to remove the paper, enter the house, then throw it away. Then, without fail, the next morning the same flyer will be on the ground somewhere in my yard because it fell off the neighbor's door or perhaps they were just too lazy to throw it away.

So, last year I put a friendly note on my door asking that flyers not be left there. It didn't work. We still got the flyers.

This summer I put up a “No Soliciting” sign, and a more strongly worded note about flyers being considered litter and warning of possible charges of trespassing… That hasn't worked either, so I replaced it with a “No Flyers” sign of the same size as the “No Soliciting” sign -it can be seen from the sidewalk easily, so the person posting the flyers doesn't even have to waste the trip up my driveway, they should just happily skip my house. So far, that has not been the case. I still get the flyers…

So, I'm not throwing the flyers away anymore. I'm trying to contact the businesses and/or organizations to let them know that the people posting their flyers need to respect the fact that I don't want their flyers on my door. They can contact me through the mail if they need to.

The next step is a “No Trespassing” sign, then I'm really thinking about trying to bring a suit against one of the repeat offenders. Before then I should contact the police department and see if they have any advice for me…

In any case, I'm listing the businesses who've ignored my asking them not to post their flyers on my property below. I figure, a lot of these places are small businesses -maybe if I can generate some bad google-juice for them, they'll take me more seriously? Here goes:

On the other side of the coin, I know that most people and businesses have contracted companies distribute their flyers. The following people responded to me, understand my concerns, and promised to take action so that “No Flyer” notices are respected in the future:

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