That hose that's comming out of your valve cover is blowing oil all through your intake system. This gums everything up and doesn't allow the air to cool as quickly as it should. The fix? A “Catch Can” to catch the oil, but allow the air to pass through. People use all different things to do this, some use a transparent fuel filter, others make or buy nicer looking, higher capacity catch cans. Me, I ran to Home Depot and picked up a general purpose air filter out of the air compressor section. That and two barbed adapters and I was all set. Looks nicer than the fuel filter, and much nicer than the 20oz Mountain Dew bottles some people use :-P

Here's a link on how to make a nice catch can, more work than I'd put into it, but there's also a pic of the air compressor filter that I use as a catch can (see the 2nd and 3rd pictures on this page): Home-Depot style:

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