Peter Roskam: State Senator 48th District

Discounted Prescription Drugs for Seniors

Senator Peter Roskam helped pass a new law to provide senior citizens, regardless of their income, with a new prescription drug benefit.

The new law creates a new, voluntary Senior Citizen Prescription Drug Discount Program. It places a ceiling on drug costs at participating pharmacies, and also requires the Illinois Department of Central Management Services to enter into a rebate agreement with drug manufacturers, allowing Illinois seniors to obtain their prescription drugs at a discounted price.

There is a $25 enrollment fee and anyone 65 years or older is qualified.

Senior citizens already enrolled in the Circuit Breaker program will not be required to pay the enrollment fee and will be automatically enrolled.

Roskam opposes tax/fee increases

Citing his objections to tax and fee hikes, Senator Peter Roskam cast his vote last spring against the numerous revenue schemes the Democrat-controlled Legislature proposed.

Illinois consumers and businesses will have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for 300 new fee increases. The wide-ranging fee hikes include such items as pet food, used tires and boat registrations. Nursing homes, hospitals, factories, and trash haulers are a few examples of groups that will encounter fee increases as well.

Roskam introduces measure targeting dangerous teen parties

State Senator Peter Roskam co-sponsored a measure last spring creating tougher penalties for partying and trashing the homes of adults.

The legislation never came up for a vote, but it was introduced as a response to the April 1 spring break party in Glen Ellyn and a similar unauthorized teen party in Hinsdale.

Roskam said he will be working on passing this or similar legislation either in the fall Veto Session or next spring.

Roskam: Legislature approves higher standards for road construction

The General Assembly this spring approved a measure creating better standards for the design of road projects, according to State Senator Peter Roskam a co-sponsor of the legislation.

In addition, the bill requires IDOT to report to the Governor and the General Assembly no later than April 1, 2004 on its efforts to implement context sensitive design criteria.

The legislation takes effect January 1, 2004.

Roskam legislation protects places of worship

A new law creates a separate offense for damaging places of worship and brings the penalties for arson on church property in line with residential arson, according to Senator Peter Roskam, the Senate sponsor of the legislation.

The measure (HB 3091) creates the offense of place of worship arson, making it a Class 1 non- probationable felony offense to knowingly damage either partially or totally any place of worship. It also mandates a $500 minimum fine for a person who commits an arson offense, which will be deposited in the Fire Prevention Fund (minus 10 percent for the circuit cler) and then distributed to the fire department that responded to the arson.

Residential arson also is a Class 1 (non- probationable) felony if the person knowingly damages either partially or totally the home of another person.

The legislation was signed into law as Public Act 93-0169 and is already in effect.

From Peter Roskam's Legislative Report (Newsletter) received by postal mail on 9/17/03

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