Since we had the intake of anyway…

We decided to remove the silencer. This is a star-shaped little piece of metal and filtering material that restricts airflow. That's not it's purpose, obviously, but that's what it does.

Removing it was easy. We just removed the intake and all the stuff that attached to it -trying to keep a mental note of all the stuff that was connected to it so we knew how to put it back. Then, we unclipped the air filter housing, removed the filter, and whala! There inside the intake was the silencer. We took a pair of pliers and gently worked our way around the metal frame of the silencer -pulling gently so as not to break it or bend it wildly out of shape. Eventually it just popped out, easy as could be!

As we pulled apart the intake I took note of the amount of oil that could be found inside all of the tubing. This oil is “blow-by” from that hose coming off the valve cover. This is on my list of things to “fix”.

I have already bought a fuel filter of shaped like this: =_= We will cut that hose coming off the valve cover and insert this fuel filter in the middle. The oil that comes out will then get trapped in this filter (which can be replaced for little $$$) rather than leaking out into my intake and making a mess of everything. All piping will need to be cleaned out as well as the intercooler.

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