Advance Adapters H.D. 231 SYE Kit $349.00 AASYE

Stock Jeeps have a slip yoke style output shaft at the rear driveline. This design is not conducive to off road use nor the steeper operating angles caused by suspension lifts. To ensure smooth and durable driveline operation convert to a fixed yoke output and install a CV driveshaft. A must on all lifts over 3.5”. This kit includes a new output shaft that is larger than the stock unit for extra durability. No Core required.

”…regardless of the amount of lift, we recommend a slip-yoke eliminator and CV rear diveshaft. Oh sure, you can get by without one for a little while but the vibration and steep angles can eventually damage your transfer case, rear driveshaft, or both, especially on lifts larger than 2 1/2 inches. A transfer case drop is almost always included in the lift kit box and can help alleviate some vibration but we don't see it as a long-term solution to the problem. -JP Magazine's Nov 2002 issue.

“Rule number one for lifted Jeeps built after '86 is that any 4×4 Jeep with a lift over 2 inches and bigger than stock tires that is expected to work off road is going to need a slip-yoke elinimator kit. This rule may have been beaten into our heads, but it's a good one, and there are many reasons for it, especially if you are lifting a short-wheelbase Jeep like our YJ. In short, adding a lift strains the rear driveline components of our Jeep by exceeding the design angles. By adding a heavy-duty slip yoke eliminator kit like the on from Advance Adapters, we will gain driveshaft length as well as add much needed strength to the tailshaft area of our Jeep. Another benefit of the slip-yoke eliminator kit is that it will allow the use of a CV driveshaft from Six States Distributors. This also helps to alleviate our rear driveshaft angle problems because the CV driveshaft will allow us to bring the rear axle pinion up a bit. This reduces the rear driveshaft angles of our Jeep by physically leveling the rear driveshaft. Fewer angles, less strain, and less vibration is the end result. -JP Magazine's Nov 2002 issue.

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