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RRE's $120 “1g firewall” strut bar. Nifty.

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On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 14:15:40, Daniel Cheney said…

I would recommend RRE as a source for the front USTB. They seem to be

one of the few that positively connect the two towers. Most bars have a pivot point at each side. They are better than nothing, but not as good

Here's the one I had on my 1990 Talon:

RRE custom made that for me. The only issue is that the 91+ has the cruise control box right where my bar bolted to the firewall, so you'd have to move that a bit lower, or have the bar bolt to the firewall differently.

But having driven another car with very similar suspension and a normal-style adjustable bar with pivots, I'll say that my bar was FAR stiffer.

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