Following the following steps will ensure that your first ride wont be your last!

#. Clean out your tank and flush with fuel to get any debris out. #. Clean out the carb to assure it is free of debris. #. Move the needle clip on the carb to the 5th position, which is the bottom notch if the needlepoint is pointing down. #. Get an Air filter #. Check your tires to see if they have enough air. 28lbs seems to be right. #. Make sure all fasteners are tight and secure, possibly add loctite. #. Make sure the gas cap is in some way vented so the tank does not vacuum. (Use a pin to punch 2 holes in the cap) #. Make sure chain is well-lubed #. Adjust your brakes so that they are not dragging too much, especially the rear. A dragging rear brake can cause your clutch to fry prematurely or break a clutch spring, among other things. #. Mix your oil/fuel mixture accurately with good oil meant for 2 stroke bikes #. Check over the engine bolts and steering head bolts for tightness, make sure wheel and steering head bearings are functional and not sloppy. Do not over tighten your foot peg bolts because they frequently break off. #. NEW riders, read the starting procedures #. Starting the bike- To properly start the bike, make sure the fuel is open, the choke is on, if the engine is cold. Make full complete pulls to the engine, while adding a little gas. Caution, do not add too much gas, your bike will fly out of control if it is not started on the stand! Even if you're starting it on the stand, it is not necessary to add too much gas. Once the engine has started, you can not turn the choke back to A if it was on the choke. Be sure to warm up the bike for at least a minute before riding off into the sunset. #. Have fun!

Will it operate on pump gas?

Yes, premium pump gas should be used. Use fresh gasoline only, do not use any gas that has been stored for more than 2 weeks. Only mix enough fuel/oil that will be used for the day or weekend.

What oil is best to use?

Any good quality (brand name) pre-mix 2 cycle oil, preferably synthetic

Good oils:

Any good fully synthetic oil is fine.


General guide for the number of Oz to be mixed in one US gallon and what ratio it comes out to be.

By fills I mean the number of gallons you can mix.

What do I use to flush out my tank?

Whatever mixture you plan on using (ex. 32:1, 40:1 or 50:1) Use that same mixture to flush out the tank.

_How do I break in my new Pocket Bike?_

Start with a 40:1. Don't full throttle it and don't keep the RPMs at one speed. You want the RPMs varying up and down. Let it cool down after every 10-15min. of riding. Run the second tank on 40:1. After that switch to 50:1 using full synthetic of your flavor.

What position should the choke be in?

The choke should be in the upward position when your doing a COLD START, and it should be in the down position when your riding or doing a WARM START.

What is the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled?

Water Cooled tends to last longer between rebuilds, because the engine runs cooler - but 40cc class European racers used to favor the air-cooled bikes because they could be a tick faster…having less parasitic loss (no water pump drag), and less weight (no pump, radiator, brackets, hoses, overflow bottle, and water).

Is my spark plug fouled?


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