Proposed Call For An Illinois Constitutional Convention

This proposal deals with a call for a state Constitutional Convention. The last such convention was held in 1969-70, and a new Constitution was adopted in 1970. The 1970 Illinois Constitution requires that the question of calling a convention be placed before the voters evry 20 years. If you support the calling of a Constitutional Convention, Vote “YES”. If you oppose the calling of a Constitutional Convention, vote “NO.”

President / Vice President

United States Senator

13th Congressional District

State Senator, 42nd Legislative District

State Representative, 84th District

County Offices

Clerk of the Circuit Court




State's Attorney

County Board District 5

Vote for not more than TWO:

Commissioner of the Forest Preserve District 5

Judge of the Circuit Court 18th Judicial Circuit

Judicial Candidates Seeking Retention in Office

Erica's Thoughts

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